It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Arkansas Beef Council Chairman Leo Sutterfield, Jr.

Leo was near completion of his 4th term (11.5 years) as a member of the Arkansas Beef Council having been first appointed in 2006 and served as Chairman for 9 of those years.

In 2013, Leo was appointed as one of Arkansas' two members of the Cattlemen's Beef Board (CBB) (the national administrative body for the beef checkoff program). He was reappointed for another term on the CBB in 2016. He has served the CBB as chairman of its budget committee, as well as chair of its audit committee.

He was a great leader in the beef industry and a dear friend.

Dietetic interns get down on the farm

The Arkansas Beef Council and Midwest Dairy Council partnered up in mid-September to put together a dairy/beef farm tour for 38 dietetic interns and their instructors from the University of Central Arkansas and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

The interns visited the Simon Dairy Farm first in Conway, Arkansas and were able to see everything from the milking parlor to the silage and minerals fed to the cows to the baby calves.

After lunch, the group visited the Kenny & Rebecca Simon Beef Farm (a distant cousin of the Simon Dairy) located between Conway and Vilonia. Here the interns were able to take a walking tour to see the differences between a dairy farm and a beef farm. The grazing plan was highlighted showing how the animals graze on a rotation plan to help the environment. and are able to graze a majority of the year. The interns were impressed with how the farmers took care of their animals and how much work goes into caring for each. They were even treated with the sights of a brand new baby calf.

After the tours, the interns met on the UCA campus talk about messaging and the media. Ashley Anderson with Midwest Dairy brought the interns through several scenarios and helped them develop their message about healthy eating and where their food comes from for their future clientele.